This week in P2/3W…

Literacy – This week, we used our IDL topic on ‘The Rainforest’ as a stimulus in our writing lesson. Our stories featured an airplane that crashed in the rainforest! We had to write about what we thought would happen next. Ask me, what were my predictions?

Numeracy – In Numeracy, P2’s have been working on building and structuring numbers up to 20 using a range of manipulatives. Ask me about the numicon alien encounter we had at the tuff tray! The P3’s were working on rounding to the nearest 10. Give me an example number within 100 and ask me to find it’s nearest 10!

IDL – In IDL, we have began exploring our rainforest topic a bit further. Our lessons this week have involved exploring the 4 different layers of the rainforest and the animals that live there. Why don’t you ask me what the 4 layers are?

Have a great weekend everyone!