10.09.21 This week in Primary 6A

This week in Primary 6A

Welcome back to our class blog. We will be sharing what we have been learning about this week, what we enjoyed and what we are looking forward to.

Let us tell you about our week.


Lacey – We Mindfulness gratitude bubbles.

William – Personal reading activities

Emily – We wrote and finished our vice captain speeches

Harvey – We have been reading the school novel “The lost words”.

Alexis – DEAR time

Jason – Spelling group and words.

Emily – we are doing class blog.

Carly – we have been assigned pupil roles.

Ava  – Reading our new group novels.

Harvey – we have started a project about something that interests us.

Anabia – our class tidied the library on Monday.


Erin – we have been learning about quarter past and quarter to on an analogue clock.

Jamie – textbook

Mah Noor – We have been learning about am and pm

Lucas – we played around the world to revise time.

We completed the mental maths challenge.

Anabia – in maths we are learning to calculate time durations.

Lacey – we got a poster about 12 and 24hour times.

Carly – we introduced numeracy ninja.

Lacey  – Miss Allan is testing our time knowledge at random times of the day.

Callan – post it note time reminders am/pm midnight/midday etc

Health and Wellbeing:

Ben – in PE we played rugby

Ava – We had a chat about what mental health is.

Anabia – we done our lost words.

Emma – we did our vice captain speeches

Ava – we are allowed to use fidgets in class.

Callan – finished the class charter.

Other Curricular areas:

Lacey – art with Miss Belford.

We had a fire drill.

Anabia  – we done the German date.

We are starting our new class rep roles.

Ava – weather in German.

Callan – Miss Allan let us play board games at golden time.