This week in P7S

This week in P7S we have had a busy week learning all about speeches and speech writing as part of our Democracy Fortnight. “We liked the speeches – we all enjoyed it”.

In Literacy we wrote our speeches to persuade people to vote for us to become class representatives. We discussed what makes a good speech and identified the special skills and talents which we could bring to the role.

We also learned about creating a campaign message visually through poster design and we created our own election rosettes listing all our skills and qualities.

We got to meet class P1D whom we will be buddied up with. We read them stories and showed them our classroom. “We met our buddies and they were cute, cool and funny” (Kayley).

In Numeracy we have been practising our mental maths skills and strategies. “We liked mental maths” (Ciaran). For problem solving “I enjoyed the rubik’s cubes” (David).

We enjoyed doing the 6-minute running challenge in PE (Liam). We have also been doing football and basketball outside.

Our election campaign posters.