This week in P5/6S

We have had a very enjoyable but busy week in P5/6S.

In Literacy we have been learning more about punctuation and all the different ways to use a comma correctly. We also practised our spelling rules and learnt about creating a character. We invented our own robot characters inspired by the story ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We discussed how the author had used repetition, similes, personification, onomatopoeia and adjectives within their writing to give details and provide impact.

In Numeracy we continued practising our division skills by playing dice games to create number sentences. We also used our measuring skills as part of our Human Body topic to estimate and measure the size of body parts. Did you know the small intestine is approximately 7 metres long?

We have enjoyed PE with Miss Clarkson this week and we have been taking part in team games.

In IDL we have made models of skeleton ribcages and learnt about the composition of blood and how the stomach breaks down food through class experiments – these involved plastic bags, crackers, lemonade, cereal, marshmallows, water and food colouring! We also located where all the major organs are in the body.

In French we created our own French menu to practise using our French vocabulary. Everyone enjoyed creating their own individual menus with their favourite foods.

Have a lovely weekend.