This Week In P1/2S…

WOW WEE have we been bus-eeeey! Let us tell you about our fun and learning-filled week…


We have been learning new sounds. P1 have been learning the ‘ng’ sound and reading words like bang, long and ring. P2 have been learning lots of long I sounds – i_e, ie, y and ie. We have been sorting words out into these different sound categories.


We have been learning to measure a containers volume and been practising making different volumes by reading the scales and trying to pour in enough and not too much water to reach that point.

We have been using certain words to describe how we know if a number is missing from a number line or 100 square like before, after, in between, rows and columns.


We have been learning about harmful substances and medicines. We learned that it is important to keep these things in cupboards away from children because they can look like sweeties or drinks.

In RME, we were learning about Hinduism and we explored the story Sita and Rama and the Festival of Diwali.