11th June 2021 P6M Blog

This week in P6 we had a very busy week!

In Numeracy this week most of the have been focusing on budgeting a holiday.  We had to think about our budget and what we will spend it on. We thought about the appropriate clothes, activities, travel, food and drink and accommodation. If there was 2 people going our budget would be £2500 and if it was a family of 4 the budget would be £5000.

In Literacy we were finishing our sandwich book review. For each layer of the sandwich we had to describe a different part of the story. For example the layer of lettuce would be a summary of the class novel or the cheese would be your favourite part from the book. We also learnt more about joined up writing  and practised joining R and I. In our writing lesson we wrote about the travels of a five pound note. We had to describe the feelings the five pond note would experience during their adventure.

In IDL we labelled the inside and outside of an eye and the ear. We talked about how we could hear different sounds.

In Health and Well being we were learning about the effects of alcohol. We had to present what we learned, for example a power point or a poster.

By Marilena and  Anika.