This week in P7D

In Literacy:

  • We have been creating pieces of imaginative writing, using a variety of writing prompts. A good piece of imaginative writing should have a range descriptive adjectives, setting the scene with verbs and adverbs and figurative language such as onomatopoeia, metaphors, similes, personification.

In Numeracy:

  • We have been learning to solve equations; we needed to use substitution, know that letters can represent an unknown number, simplify like terms and use function machines to find the rules, inputs and outputs.

Other curricular areas:

  • In PE we have been working on our hand eye co-ordination with shooting and batting skills. We have been playing benchball, basketball and rounders.
  • In Drama and Health and Wellbeing we have been learning to recognise healthy relationships, we used drama to explore the qualities of a perfect partner and then act out a a scenario to explore what may be qualities may be missing.
  • In ICT we created a collaborative document to generate summary comments about each other for the year book. We provided feedback on our our comments to support each others success.