This week in P4S…

Hello and welcome to P4S’ Blog.

This week in Numeracy we have been learning to calculate change in our money topic. We have been taking part in role play, being shop keepers and customers (James F). We have also been using a number line as a strategy to work out change (Millie).  I think I was successful because I could answer two step word problems (Reggie).  I would give myself an amber because I think I need more practise on my strategies (Evin).

This week in Literacy  we were learning to use similes (Abbaigh). We were asked to write sentences and include a simile (Kyle). An example of one of my sentences is, I can swim like a fish (Abbaigh). I was successful because I tried my best and I managed to come up with lots of examples (Leah).

This week in R.M.E. we have been learning about Jewish artefacts (Ellie).  We were allowed to write on the tables this week and wrote down next to a picture what we thought the artefact was before finding out (Krivi). We also drew a picture and included lots of artefacts (Nikola). I enjoyed all the Jewish things I learned (James M).

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