This week in P6M


In numeracy we enjoyed playing bingo working out percentages of an amount and playing Countdown.  We also did some assessments and everybody was trying hard.  Anika and Liam




During imaginative writing we had to continue a story in the same style as the writer.  We wrote about an octopus that attacked a city.  We also practised our handwriting and answered comprehension questions, making sure we explain our reasons.  Colton, Lilli, Marilena and Nate




During our IDL lessons we were learning about the lungs.  We continued making PowerPoints about them and how they work.  We also watched a video and listened to a song about the lungs.  Michael, Zak, Amelia and Ben.



In German this week we have learned about the weather.  Wie ist das Wetter? is the question you ask if you want to know ath the weather is.  You could say es ist kalt (it is cold), es ist heiβ (it is hot), es ist sonnig (it is sunny), es ist windig (it is windy), es regnet (it‘s raining) and es schneit (it’s snowing).  In French we learned to count up to 79.  We also practised having a French conversation asking what is your name, how old are you and where do you live?  Erin, Maja, Alyxs and Kaleb