This week in P6M


This week we have learning how to tell the time – half past and quarter past (Alyxs)

Some of us have been doing algebra (Alexandria). We have been solving equations and finding the value of x (Marilena)


We have been identifying features of characters in our reading books and class novel (Kieran)

When we were reading The Nowhere Emporium we had to work out if we could trust the different characters (Abbey).

Today we were learning when to add an apostrophe to show possession (Anika)


We were learning about the lungs.  With a partner we are making a PowerPoint on the lungs (Lilli).  I found out the right lung is bigger than the left so the heart can fit in the chest (Amelia) and that lungs float on water (Zak).

We have also learning about different parts of the heart, how it pumps blood  and how blood goes into the lungs and gets oxygenated (Michael)


We were learning about body positivity.  You shouldn’t be ashamed if you reach puberty at a different time to others and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to supermodels. (Thomas)

For the last couple of weeks we have been creating our own Tree of Life.  Today we added the things we enjoy doing and the people who have encouraged us and taught us in life (Colton)

During PE we have been running and getting our fitness up (Layla)


We were learning how to greet people at different times of the day.  You say bonjour until the afternoon, bonsoir at night and when you say good night to someone you say bonne nuit.  (Sean)