This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we had a short but fun week.


In Numeracy we did some fractions and I thought it was really fun (Amy). I liked doing the word problems question sheet we had today (Eilidh).


In Literacy we did daily writing and a character Venn diagram (Callum). I liked doing the Venn diagram and writing our story.


In IDL we liked learning about what our hearts can do (Sophie-leigh).


In P.E we did ‘boys vs girls’ for answering questions during our quiz. Congratulations (the boys) won the challenge! (Lewis)


In German we did more on our words for body parts, then we made our own Monsters which was really fun to do (Sophie-Leigh).


And a huge well done to Miss Belford for another amazing assembly!

Remember to stay fit and have fun!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mein Monster!