This week in P4S…

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In numeracy we have been learning about time (Ellie & Kyle). On the carpet we have been using show me boards with clocks to help tell the time (Kyle).  We have also been using games on the iPad to learn about time (Nikola). To help learn about time, we have also been using the SHM textbooks (Kyle & Millie). I feel that I am still getting used to using clocks (Evin). I can use 24 hour clocks but I feel I need more practice in this (Ellie). I feel confident using quarter past and half past to tell the time (Mille). Sometimes I get the hour hand and minute hand mixed up and will need more practice in this (Nikola).

Our literacy and RME topic for this week has been based on Judaism (Daniel). This week we have been learning about and writing our own Bar Mitzvah’s/ Bat Mitzvah (Catherine). After we had written our own speeches, we then presented them to the rest of the class (James F). I learned that people who follow Judaism are Jewish. People who follow Judaism call their God Yahweh (Daniel). The main religious figures are God, Abraham and Sarah (which means princess) James F). I was learning about Abraham and Islam (James M). I believe I have been quite successful in learning about Judaism (Daniel). I think I was successful as I could write my work neatly for my speech and meet the success criteria (Reggie). I was very nervous about my speech but it went well (Amber).

In our IDL lessons we have been learning about the cycle of plants (Abbaigh). We have been gardening our plants, both inside and outside (Krivi). We have also gardening out in the playground removing all the root and grass (Nadia). Whilst we have been gardening, we have also been learning about volume (Eli). I believe I have been successful in gardening, it has also been fun to do (Leah). I can tell how much is in a litre and breaking it down to half a litre (Kacey). I have been enjoying the gardening and feel I have been successful doing it (Lucie).

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