This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S it has been slow but very fun!

In Literacy: I have enjoyed the missing person posters (Katherine). We also enjoyed spelling this week.

In Numeracy:  I enjoyed the area method (Danny). I enjoyed working on the test challenge questions (Marcus). I felt like I got better at maths (Innes). Every time we do maths I love the new methods.

Daily mile: We really like daily mile and we have been doing it almost daily to get some fresh air and exercise.

In art we really did enjoy making the funny masks (John W.). I liked doing the art with the water colours (Sophie-Leigh).

Class novel – I really enjoyed class novel in general (Sophie-leigh) and the missing posters Katherine).

In P.E I really enjoyed playing Choice Tag (Jessica). I really liked cops and robbers game with the foam noodles (Callum). We also really liked when we did the walk and talk with our friends as part of our team building exercises.

In IDL we learned about natural disasters (Eray). Somewhere there is a volcano that spits blue, beautiful flames (Michael.) I enjoyed the research about France (John W. and Sophie-Leigh)

News: We do daily news every single day and we love it so much. We also get to find out what is happing or if anyone has anything exciting coming up

Congratulations to everyone who earned their house point certificates this week – keep up the good work!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend too, love from P5/6S

Bye bye.

Experimenting with mark-making

‘Missing Person’ poster.