This week in P4S…

This week in P4S we have had a busy fun week.

This week in Numeracy we have been learning to add and subtract. We have been using dienes materials and place value counters. I think I need a bit more practise using the place value counters (Reggie).  I think I was successful in both adding and subtraction because I was able to use the counters to check my answers (James F). I think I was successful because I was using the strategies to add and subtract (Jaiden).

This week in Literacy we were learning to write a letter. We wrote a letter to Santa.  I was successful writing my letter because I wrote who it is from, who its to and said why I was writing the letter (Catherine). I think I was successful because I included the address (Daniel).

This week in IDL we have been learning to research. We have been reading about how different countries celebrate Christmas. I found out that Canada celebrate on the same day as the UK and it is not snowy (Ellie). I found out that in Japan they eat KFC for Christmas (Reggie). We found out that Mexico celebrate from the 12th December to 6th January (Nikola and Krivi).

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Make sure you check out Christmas Spectacular in google classroom.