Week beginning 07.12.20

This week we have had a Christmas focus in P2/3EC. We started the week off with Mr Mathis filming us for the Christmas Film that we are doing this year instead of Coffee and Carols. Once all the classes have been filmed and the link has been put together it will be added to all Google Classrooms.

Literacy this week has been focused upon our Christmas Shared text “How Winston Delivered Christmas” At the start of the week we looked at the front cover and discussed what it reminded us of, was it something we had heard, seen or read before.

“ It reminded me of our Christmas Writing about Prince Albert and the Christmas Trees” Melissa

“It reminded me of the North Pole”  Erin

“ It reminds me of a Christmas movie”  Emily

“It reminds me of the film Elf”   Andrew

The we predicted what we thought would happen in the story. To do this we drew illustrations. All of our work is being collated into a floor book.

“ I think Christmas is going to be in trouble and Winston will have to save the day!”  Becky

“ I think Winston will wake up on Christmas Day and see Santa “   Malcolm

“ I think Winston will ride Santa’s sleigh”   Kyle

“ I think the mouse will go through a porthole and arrive at the North Pole and then Santa will give him presents”   Jacob

We covered a variety of different concepts in Maths/Numeracy this week.

Squares group continued to look at 3digit numbers HTU and Triangles revised and consolidated 2 digit numbers TU. We all used arrow cards to make 2 and 3 digit numbers and then showed our understanding by ordering these numbers.

All children are revising money to £1. We are able to layout and add coins up to £1.  We can use our knowledge of partitioning to help us layout and add up coins.

Next week we are going to extend our knowledge above £1, up to £5.

As part of our consolidation of our learning we have been playing new bingo games. We have new adding ones and place value ones.

“ I found the new bingo game easy”   Isla

“I found the bingo game a little hard” Melissa

“ I found the HTU bingo a little tricky too”   Marcus

Towards the end of the week we consolidated our mental calculations. We have been learning to hold a number in our head and either add on or take away a number. Partitioning also helped us with adding larger numbers. We used a solve and shade worksheet to show our progress.

We really enjoyed doing this and have asked Mrs Cuthbert for some Christmas ones.

“I loved doing this! At the end I saw that the picture was an ice-cream cone!”   Melissa

Art and Craft

This week we finished our Reindeer art work. We LOVE these. After adding the antlers and snow these look great, even Mrs Penman popped in to tell us how great they were! What do you think??

“I really enjoyed doing the snow!”   April

“ I loved it! I enjoyed making the reindeer”   Isla

“ I found it tricky to draw the antlers, but it has turned out good”   Celestan

“ I loved adding the snow at the end. It made it look like it was snowing in the picture”    Andrew

We also made a Winston Mouse finger puppet to go along with our Shared text. This was just for a bot of fun, but we think they look really cool.


Just a quick reminder that next Tuesday 15th December is our Christmas Party. Children can come to school already in their party clothes or they can bring them in a bag and get changed before the party.