This week in P7D

In numeracy this week we have started to look at financial education. We looked at the history of money and how it changed from bartering to shells, gold and silver and now to cashless currency. We also brainstormed the different ways that we can pay for things and the terms credit and debit.
In literacy the banana group finished their novel and will be writing a persuasive letter recommending it to a classmate. The Coconuts were using connectors to ask and answer questions on their new book. The Apples were being Reading Detectives, taking on roles to analyse their new book, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.
In art we were continuing our observational drawings of animal eyes. We chose from Dragonfly, Zebra, Squid, Iguana, Tiger and Parrot and have moved on from using paint to finishing using pastels and pencils. We also were using our crafting skills creating our characters for our Stop Motion ’12 Days of Christmas’