This week in P3Y…

It’s been a brilliantly productive week in P3Y. We have all worked so hard and are very proud of our achievements.


In maths this week, we have been learning about different units of weight and have been comparing the mass of different objects. We started by holding at 1kg and ½ kg weights and then estimated whether various items in our class (such as iPads, a bag of rice, a bag of potatoes and a brick) were more than 1kg, the same, or less than 1kg. We then used scales to measure the objects so that we could evaluate whether our estimates were accurate or not.


In literacy this week, we have used the wonderful book ‘Twenty-five December Lane’ to create a class floor book to showcase all our knowledge. We have made predictions about what we think the book will be about, and used the front cover and blurb to create our ideas. We also identified words in the story that contain the phonemes and digraphs that we have been learning. We were able to recognise, read and write sounds such as ‘th, ee, er and ng’. Today, our task involved sorting words from the story into categories depending on whether they were nouns, verbs or adjectives. We were then able to use these words and create our own sentences. This has really helped expand our vocabulary and we can now use interesting words such as ‘peered’ and ‘ancient’ to create very interesting sentences.

In Health and Wellbeing this week, we have been identifying the positive and negative factors that can affect relationships and friendships. We talked about the good qualities of our friends, the ways that they make us feel happy and the things that we do that makes us think that we are good friends. We also discussed the things that people sometimes do that might change a relationship or friendship, such as saying mean things or acting unkindly. We agreed that we all have to take responsibility to ensure that we are good friends to one another, and that we can take opportunities to make new friends.

P3 have worked so hard this week and I am so impressed with all the effort they have put in to every task they have had. Well done everyone and enjoy your weekend!

Miss Young