11.12.20 – This Week in Primary 5A

This week in Primary 5A

Welcome to our weekly class blog. We will be sharing what we have been learning about this week, what we enjoyed and what we are looking forward to.

Let us tell you about our week.


Karina – We were link makers and linked our books to real-life.

We continued to do personal reading.

Halle – We are completing a summariser task

Colton – We read the last chapter of Percy Jackson.

We talked about how other countries spend their Christmas.

Carly – We completed a question master task.

We continued to learn new spelling words

Callan – We practised our spelling on Ipads.

We took notes when reading about other countries.

Ben – We wrote instructions on how to make rice crispy cakes.


Ava – In the red group we have revised half past and o’clock times.

Some of the red group are going to move on to quarter past and quarter to.

We played timeo which is time bingo.

Anabia – the blue group have been looking at time in five minute intervals.

We were learning about am and pm.

For our Ipad rotation we have been looking at different time games.

Lily – the orange group have been reading times to 1 minute intervals

They have been converting 12 and 24hr times.

Lucas – we did a task where we drew the hands on the clocks.

Health and Wellbeing:

Amy – In Pe we have been doing collaborative games.

Emily – We had our class Christmas party and played lots of games.

Lacey – In German we worked in pairs to complete research.

Ben – we played Christmas bingo with Miss Belford.

Other Curricular areas:

Amy – We created Christmas door hangers as a gift.

Lucas – We practised our singing and filmed it for a show.

Ben – We learned months of the year in German

Anabia – We had assembly

Carly – We made rice crispy cakes.

We wrote our class blog.