Week Beginning 30.11.20

This week we have had a big focus on Christmas. We have been rehearsing our songs and poem for Sunnyside’s Spectacular and we are all ready for our performance next week.


This week in Literacy we have been focusing on the split digraph ‘a-e’. as in cake, bake, rake etc. We have been word building, playing bingo games, and using Play Phonics on the iPad to read and work out if the words were real or fake.

We have also looked at Fact or Opinion this week. We now know that ‘fact’ means something is true and ‘opinion’ is what someone thinks.

“Jesus is dead” is a fact Jacob

“Humans have a heart and lungs”  is a fact Isla

“Astronauts need to wear spacesuits” is a fact Malcolm

“Pencils can be any colour” is a fact Jacob

“Lava is very dangerous you can’t get too close” is a fact Marcus

“Some people like ham pizza and some people don’t” is an opinion Emily

“Ham pizza is better than sweetcorn pizza” is an opinion Leighton

“Real Madrid is the best team in the World” is an opinion Kristofer

Our reading has been focused on Christmas stories. The children have really enjoyed reading Mog stories. We watched Mog’s Christmas Calamity.

“Mog saved the house because she accidently phoned the fire brigade” Hana

“Mog also caused the calamity in the house” Kyle

“The elf inside the book made us do naughty things such as funny words and joke. What do elves do in the toilet? They do Jingle smells!” Erin

Class Talks –  We have had more class talks this week. Mrs Cuthbert is extremely impressed with the quality of work from the children.

“I think I did well, but I could have looked at the audience a bit more” April

“I think I did well with my talk. My talk was on lizards. I think I could have looked at the audience more too.”  Kristofer


This week in Numeracy we been working on money up to £1. Children are confident with counting coins to make an amount within £1. We have used Money bingo games and Money matching games to consolidate our learning. At the teaching station this week the children used a penny track to help with working out change from 20p.

This week we also revised and consolidated sequencing and ordering numerals.

P3’s have been looking at numbers to 1000 this week. We have used place value counters to build 3-digit numbers and to break up 3-digit numbers. We used our knowledge of partitioning to help with this. The follow up task to this was adding 2-digit number to a 2-digit number using place value counters.

P2’s have been revising and consolidating numbers to 100 using place value counters and a variety of games. We have also been adding a 1-digit number to a 2-digit number using the number in your head and counting on strategy.


We have been looking at different types of line and how these work together to create drawings.  This week we drew a reindeer. Before we drew this we looked at the different lines used to make the reindeer outline. We identified that the reindeer is made up of curved and straight lines.

“I found colouring in the body of the reindeer difficult because, I needed to lean heavily with the crayon. I enjoyed drawing my reindeer”  Celestan.

 “I loved drawing the reindeer it was so fun. “ Melissa

“I needed a couple of tries to get the outline of the reindeer just right.” Emily