26.11.20 – This week in Primary 5A

This week in Primary 5A

Welcome to our weekly class blog. We will be sharing what we have been learning about this week, what we enjoyed and what we are looking forward to.

Let us tell you about our week.


Tyler – We had a spelling check-up this week.

Anabia – We were learning how to use apostrophes for grammar.

We also completed a word finder task.

Ava – We completed a question master task where we made up questions for what we read.

Emma – We completed an illustrator task where we created a picture of a main event.

Lily – The Harry Potter group discussed new books and chose a new reading book together.

Independent reading and class novel.

Callan – We were personal reading.

MahNoor – we continued reading Percy Jackson.


Carly – We had a shopping budget and made a list of food from a supermarket.

Colton – We were adding money by partitioning.

Eilidh – We completed a multiplication challenge.

Karina – We have done some maths homework.

Halle  – we worked in pairs to add within a budget.

Health and Wellbeing:

Ben – We created some Christmas art.

Lucas – In PE we competed in relay races.

Grace – In PE we have continued the secret student.

River – We created some art with Miss Belford.

Ava – We completed a health and wellbeing survey

Other Curricular areas:

Mah Noor – We are learning Christmas songs.

Jamie-Lee – We are completing homework tasks.

Anabia – We are learning the days of the week in German.

Emily – We completed the class blog.