This week in P7D 20/11/20

This week in numeracy we were working on fractions. The skills we are focusing on are: simplifying fractions, fractions of an amount and multiplying fractions. We have also played games to help consolidate our learning.

In spelling we used the Collins Cobuild online dictionary to build our vocabulary quickly by finding pupil friendly definitions of our spelling words. Using electronic devices helps us find unfamiliar words quickly and easily and can be done whilst reading in class or at home.

Expressive Arts
In art we have been doing portraits of different animals. We worked in pairs to draw the animals with the images turned upside down so hat we had to focus on observing what we could actually see and not what we thought it should look like. We drew the animals in pencil then added larger areas of colour with watercolour paints and completed with pastels and coloured pencil.