This week in P3Y…

Phew, what a busy week we have had! It’s been another great week of learning in P3Y and everyone has been working their socks off.

In numeracy this week, we’ve been learning about fractions. We have looked at fractions as a portion of a shape and  fractions of an amount. We used visuals to help us in understanding halves and quarters, then expanded to looking at thirds, fifths, eighths etc. We understand that the bottom number in a fraction tells us how many parts there are and the top number tells us how many out of that part are being shown. We’re going to keep practising showing the fraction of a value by using concrete resources such as blocks to help us with finding a quarter of 12, for example.

It’s certainly been a literacy-rich week for us here in P3Y as we’ve done lots to celebrate ‘Book Week Scotland’. Today we did a ‘class-read-along’ of our new book ‘Look Up’ by Nathan Bryon. This lovely book was gifted to us in our ReadWriteCount bags and we really enjoyed the chance to all read along in our own copies together. We’re looking forward to using our other gifts over the weekend and sharing them with our families at home.

As part of our health and wellbeing this week, we have been further practising our mindfulness. We took part in a ‘superhero listening’ guided meditation then took our new skills out in to the play ground where we used each of our senses to make observations and tune in to the world around us. This helped us feel more calm and in control of our thoughts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone – looking forward to another excellent week ahead of us! Miss Young