20.11.20 This week in Primary 5A

This week in Primary 5A

Welcome to our weekly class blog. We will be sharing what we have been learning about this week, what we enjoyed and what we are looking forward to.

Let us tell you about our week.


Grace – We have been reading the class novel.

Ben – We wrote various game instructions on clicker 6.

We designed illustrations of the main events in our texts.

Lucas – We continued in our reading groups.

We learned new spelling rules.

Anabia – We completed a comprehension on the Good Samaritan.

Carly – We used skimming and scanning skills to complete the comprehension task.


Lacey – We completed a cake sale task.

Erin – We were making change from £5 or £10.

Amy – We used a textbook to support our learning.

Emily – We played numeracy games using Ipads about money.

We counted out the change using plastic coins.

William  – we completed maths rotations about money.

Alexis – We used plastic money to help use in maths.

Lucas – we completed a timestable challenge.

Health and Wellbeing:

Callan – We explored the purple cog in emotion works

In PE we have been learning to defend in rugby.

We have taken part in crazy hair day.

Carly – the purple cog is about influences on emotions.

We learned more about internet safety.

Halle – we discussed the good Samaritan and our own experiences with good Samaritans.

Colton – In PE we have continued the secret student.

Karina – In PE we played toilet tag to warm up.

Other Curricular areas:

Ben – In German we were revising numbers to 31 in German.

Amy – We are learning the months of the year in French.

Grace – We completed number bingo in French.

Emily – We played guess the number in German.