Primary 2/3EC week beginning 09.11.20


This week in Literacy we have been focusing on the vowel digraph ‘er’. We have built word lists, played board games, completed reading activities and did word building to help us with our learning.

This was our last week of focusing on Character descriptions. This week our shared text was

‘The Scarecrows Wedding’. We studied the main character Harry O’Hay and brainstormed as many adjectives as we could about him. We thought about his personality as well as what he did and what he looked like.

‘I wore blue dungarees with a red patch’ Kristofer

‘He wore an old black hat with a red band and a red and white spotty neckerchief’ Leighton

‘He had one black glove’ Isla

‘He has scruffy golden hair’ Jacob



Our Ancient China topic continues. This week we learned about the Terracotta Army. We watched a couple of short clips and we read a short book about them too. We found out the following:

‘The Terracotta Army were found by farmers digging a well underground’ Kendal

‘The farmers found the pits 46 years ago’ Celestan

‘The Terracotta Warriors were found in pits.’ Kendal

‘Weapons, horses, chariots and animals were also found with the Warriors’  Malcolm

‘There were over 8000 Terracotta figures found in the pits’ Kyle

‘It took over 40 years to build the Terracotta Warriors’ Andrew

“Some of the Terracotta Army did not survive, they got crushed because the roof of the pit fell it” Fraser

“Legend says that there is a river of mercury near the Temple of the Emperor” Fraser

The children worked together to write down 5 amazing facts about what they had learned. Next week we are going to use this knowledge to help us write a report about the Terracotta Army.


This week in Numeracy we revised money up to 20p. We linked this learning with the Place Value and Partitioning work that we have be doing in class. Mrs Cuthbert was very impressed with our knowledge so far. We will very quickly move on to money up to 50p.

Counting in 10s has also helped us with our money work this week and we have been adding 2digit 10s numbers.

Numeracy rotations have been a favourite this week with bingo games, ipad, doubles and halves working as well as our Place Value games.

We have been consolidating 2D shape with Mrs Jacobs and doing a little bit of tiling. We have been working hard to recognise pentagons, hexagons and octagons.

HWB: EmotionWorks

Over the last couple of weeks we have been revising and consolidating the 5 cog model. We have been trying to become more familiar with what each cog represents and what they mean. We completed a task where we had lots of different pictures we had to sort these into the