P6M Week beginning 9.1.20

It has been another busy week in P6M. We presented our PowerPoint presentations about famous Victorians and they were brilliant. Mrs Mullan really enjoyed listening to them all.

Have a lovely weekend. P6M


We wrote a blackout poem about Remembrance Day. We had to select words from a passage and make our own poem, and black out all the other words. We used read, theory skills during our literacy rotations. We read a text and had to answer questions about what we had read.

We studied the poem Flanders Field’s and learned about its meaning and wrote a summary. Everyone had different ideas about the meaning behind the poem. We discussed alliteration, symbolism and metaphors.



We have been learning about multiplication. We have learned different strategies to multiply decimals by whole numbers. We used partitioning. We have been multiplying by 10,100 and 1000. When we multiply by 10 we have to move the numbers to the left so we had to show a good understanding of place value.



We learned to take notes and identify key words about Queen Victoria. We are going to write a biography about Queen Victoria.

We finished our Power Points about our famous Victorians. We presented them to the class. We had to think about our use of eye contact, speak clearly, we had to use expression, think about our posture and know what we were saying. It was quite hard to face the front.

We really enjoyed drawing portraits of Queen Victoria.

We enjoyed French too.

By Michael, Kayley, Nate, Marilena, Kelsey and Jackson.