Primary 2/3EC Week Beg 02.11.20

Hi Everyone! Another busy week in our class. We have covered lots of different things. Here is a little snippet of what we have been doing

IDL: Ancient China

In our topic this week we have been looking at Chinese Culture and inparticular Chinese Vases. We listened to a story which told us that Chinese Pottery was decorated with images that told a story. We also learned that blue and white were popular colours for pottery. after listening to the story we then created our own Chinese Inspired Vases. We looked at images that were popular with these vases. After designing the vases, we then used paint to make twigs, we added pick toned tissue paper for the cherry blossom. we were all very proud of our art work and these all look great up on the wall for everyone to see.


This week was a consolidation week for phonics. We were revising ‘oi’ ‘ue’ and ‘ou’ We used different activities and games to do this-

“I liked playing the bingo game” Layla

” I found the word reader, word maker game fun!” Kendal

” I liked the Dragon’s den game on the ipads. I got 10/10 for my score!” Melissa

In writing this week we used our knowledge and skills from last week’s Halloween writing to write another character description this time on ‘George, The Smartest Giant in Town’

“I loved doing my writing this week. I wrote lots and it was really fun!”

“I tried to use a connective in my writing this week I used ‘and'”

In our writing we tried hard to use adjectives to describe George.

“George was very handsome!”

“George was very generous because he gave the animals all of his clothes. The animals said he was the Kindest Giant in town”

Our comprehension work focused around our Instructional text (reading book). Mrs Cuthbert is very pleased with how everyone is getting on.

“We have to fill in the missing words”

” We have to find the true and false sentences”

” I like finding the words in the word search”



In Numeracy we have been revising concepts such as  identifying 10 more/less than a number, we have consolidated 1/2s and 1/4s of an amount and have also been looking at 2D shapes with Mrs Jacobs.

We are becoming much more confident with our halves and doubles and have been using different games and activities to do this.

Next week in Maths we are going to be looking at money.