This Week in P1/2S…

We have certainly been taking a stroll through the deep dark woods this week in P1/2S. We were all very excited to be exploring the Julia Donaldson text as part of our IDL topic. We will be exploring a Julia Donaldson story a week. We had to kick things off with ‘The Gruffalo’. The children are excited to tell you all the things they have been doing and learning about the story…

Writing –

This week P1 were drawing and labelling the Gruffalo. They had to include all his features such as his prickles and his poisonous wart. If we drew something and knew the sound it started with, we labelled it – like p for prickles or n for nose. We then imagined where the Gruffalo went after the mouse scared him at the end of the story. We decided he probably went home and so drew and labelled his house too.

Meanwhile P2 were busy ‘cooking’. We made ‘Gruffalo Crumble’ and wrote instructions so that others could try it too! We rather enjoyed chopping up the Gruffalo (don’t worry, he was just paper) and a nut before mixing them together and putting oats on top, before popping them in the oven. We decided it might not be very tasty but was fun to make!

Loose Parts –

We really enjoyed going outside and building a habitat for each of the animals from the story. We researched what these animals’ habitats might look like to help us decide what we might use to build our habitats. In the end, it looked like we had built the whole deep, dark wood and we loved retelling the story and visiting each habitat!

Storytelling Den –

In our class we have made a storytelling den. This include lots of different things such as puppets, toys and books to help us retell and make up our own stories. It also include a writing station where we can write letters, books, lists and postcards to and from our favourite characters. We have loved exploring it this week and thinking about what else we could add to it!