This Week in P4M

It’s been good to get back into a routine and see everyone again after a restful break. Our week began with more reading of our class novel “The Wild Robot”.

We identified how the main character was able to find a range of solutions to a series of problems and noted them using an arrow chart  (Erin, Amber).

We also wrote down some questions we had about the text up to this point.  We will track them to see if we get any answers (Archie, Dylan).

In writing, we created Halloween acrostic poems to get in the mood for our Halloween costume day on Friday (Tia, Reece).

In Art, we drew pumpkins in the style of Yayoi Kusama. We used black fine liners and chalk to create the drawing and patterns, then chose contrasting colours for the pumpkin and background paper. They are so cool! (Erin, Leah, Aimee)

In French, we learned how to say “Happy Halloween” and “I am scared of…” for example, spiders.

It was my star moment this week (Ashley).

In Numeracy, we have been learning about money. We revised the ordering of coins by value and made different amounts of money up to £20 (Aimee, Cole, Channing).

Today, we came into the class to some Halloween decorations. Most of us had costumes on, so we did some Halloween place value and addition/subtraction maths – It was fun!

It’s been a great first week back.

We hope you all have a good weekend!