This week in P3Y…

It’s been so lovely to welcome everyone back to class and hear all about their holidays and how they spent their time off. We’ve been very excited about the lead up to Halloween and what a spectacularly spooky week we have had in P3Y!

In numeracy this week, we’ve explored the properties of 3D shapes. We have been able to name them, identify their edges, faces and their vertices. We compared shapes by looking at different models of them, and named objects in our classroom that have similar properties. We’ve also been working on our division and have used our knowledge of the 5 times tables to help us split up concrete resources such as counters and cubes in to equal groups. We answered questions like ‘how can I share 15 sweets equally between 5 friends?’

In literacy this week, we have used our knowledge of adjectives, nouns and verbs to create descriptions of different Halloween characters. We used images to help us come up with adjectives to describe their appearance or personality, nouns to name the objects or clothes they might have and verbs to explain what they are doing. There were lots of wonderfully descriptive sentences being written about various characters and we all agreed it made our writing sound much more exciting. We also listened out for descriptive language in the story of ‘Assipattle and the Dragon Stoorworm’, a story about a terrifying, destructive dragon as big as Scotland!

We have been learning about the growth mindset. We have discussed the differences between having a fixed mindset (‘I can’t do this’) versus a growth mindset (‘I can’t do this, yet’). We watched the short Pixar film ‘Piper’ and agreed that Piper needed to adopt a growth mindset in order to overcome his fears of the waves. We would recommend watching this little film, it’s very engaging!

We’re looking forward to continuing our learning next week and sharing what we’ve been up to!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Young.