This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6 we have had a busy but positive week. “In general it’s been a positive week” (Eray).

In Numeracy we have been practising our division and problem solving skills by using concrete materials to solve problems in multiple ways. We have practised creating our own maths word problems on ‘Think-Boards’. as well as showing problems in numeral and pictorial forms. We have also been learning about dividing numbers which have remainders.

We did a class numeracy assessment this week to check which areas of numeracy we need to focus on next. “I enjoyed the maths test because it was a challenge” (Lewis).

In Literacy we wrote a descriptive poem about Autumn using all of our senses. We had fun in the fresh air taking a sensory walk around the playground where we explored all the things to do with Autumn we could see, feel, smell and hear. We used this experience to create our poems in class where we focused on choosing good adjectives and descriptive verbs. “I enjoyed writing the Autumn poem” (Megan).

In RME we have been learning about Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement. We enjoyed drawing a portrait of her and practising our art skills.

The weather has been dry and sunny again this week so we have enjoyed getting outside as much as possible for Daily Mile and PE.

We are looking forward to the October holidays and would like to thank everyone in P5/6 for a great first term. We hope you have a great time off and look forward to hearing all your news when we come back.