This week in P4S…

This week in P4S we have been playing lost of games (Kayla).

This week in Literacy we have been playing a new spelling game, Write it Right (Daniel). Firstly we have to write out our spelling words on blank cards, then we turn them over and one person guesses from the other person’s clues what the word is (Jaiden, Daniel). Lastly you need to try and write down the word and spell it correctly (Jaiden). I think I was successful spelling the words correctly because I earned a lot of points for the correct spelling (Catherine).  I think I need more practise because I am not getting all of them correct yet (Evin).

This week in Maths we have been learning to use the inverse operation (Nadia).  The inverse of addition is subtraction (Lucie). We were solving numbers sentences using inverse operations to check if we were correct (Millie). I think I was successful because I was able to work out fact familes (Millie).  I thought I was successful because I was able to get the correct answers by checking the inverse (Nadia). I enjoyed the fishing game (James M).

This week in IDL we have been learning to identify the difference between climate and weather (Reggie). We took our learning outside to find objects clues about the weather and seasons (Krivi, Kyle).  I found orange leaves  everywhere, they have fallen off the trees, and it gave me a clue it is Autumn (Eli). I found wet mud, which suggested it has been raining (Kyle).  My group found out the rocks were slippery and wet suggesting it had been raining (Reggie). I think I am successful because I know that climate it observed long term and weather is observed short term (Krivi).

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for reading.