This week in P3Y…

Phew! We have arrived at the end of term 1! We’re so proud of all we have achieved this term. It wasn’t easy coming back to school and readjusting after such a long time off during lockdown but we have worked hard, stayed positive and shown fantastic resilience.

It was a wonderful week of learning to round of the term. In numeracy and maths, we have been using concrete materials to help with our understanding of place value. We played a board game that involved rolling the dice, moving the number of spaces shown and making the number on the board out of the dienes materials. It was a race against the clock as we tried to complete as many turns as we could. We also worked through some problem solving questions, such as figuring out how many people were on the bus altogether by breaking the question down, and showing our workings as we worked through each step. Today, we explored everyday 3D objects after revising the properties of different 3D shapes. We found various shapes in our classroom, named them and then drew pictures of them. For example, we identified that our water bottles were like cylinders, the tips of our pencils like cones, the rubbers like cuboids and the dice like cubes.

This week, we developed our comprehension skills by answering open and closed questions about the book we are reading. Many of us agreed that open questions allow us to answer the question with much more information. We showed what we understood about our book by redesigning the front cover for it, including key details about the characters, the setting and the story development. On Wednesday, we did a piece of extended writing about what we are looking forward to in our October holidays. We were to include details about what we would like to do, use a full stop and capital letter for each sentence and use a connective such as ‘but’ or ‘and’ to extend our sentences.

It’s been an amazingly arty week in P3! We have explored different artistic techniques like pointillism, marbling, and mixing hot and cold colours to create new shades and tones. We created eye-catching designs for Christmas cards (even though it’s still a wee bit too early to be thinking about Christmas!) and made wonderful Chinese dragons in a range of brilliant colours.

On behalf of Miss Darcy, Mrs Armitage and myself, I wanted to say a huge thank you to every member of our class for their amazing contributions this term. I’m very proud of you all and can’t wait to continue our learning in term 2! Miss Young