This week in P2D…

This week in Literacy, we have been learning our ‘oa’ sound by reading stories, singing songs, drawing pictures and doing some excellent writing.  We practised using ‘oa’ words in our own sentences with some great results but we need to keep practising writing on the line!

In Numeracy, we have been securing our knowledge of halving in the hopes that we don’t forget this during the holidays. In ‘Think outside the box Friday’ we found several possible answers to a tricky puzzle:

‘Noah saw 12 legs walk by on the way into the ark. How many creatures could he have seen?’

We read the fantastic story of ‘The squirrels who Squabbled’ in HWB and learnt some important lessons about sharing! In RME, we read ‘Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream Coat’ and enjoyed learning about the popularisation of bible stories in mainstream media through watching some videos of the musical.

I would like to congratulate everyone in P2D for a fantastic term! I have loved getting to know you all and wish you a wonderful holiday! Can’t wait to have some Halloween fun when you get back!

Miss Davidson