Primary 2/3EC week beg 28.09.20

Another busy week at Sunnyside. This week has been Maths Week Scotland, we have continued with our Ancient China IDL, and have continued to embed French into our daily routines.

One of our MathsWeek Scot activities:


During rotations this week P3s revised and consolidated adding and subtracting in 10s. We used a train concept to help us do this as well as visualising the 100 square.

We are becoming much more confident with Place Value and have consolidated our learning through games, activities and manipulatives.

“I like using the ipads to help me with my learning and teaching” Harris

Another calculation that we have been focusing on has been division. We are more confident at identifying the number of objects needed and how many groups to split them into. Primary 3s were introduced to the division symbol ➗ and were using manipulatives to support them in calculating the number sentence.

“I can identify the number of objects we need to get from the problem and then I can share them into the groups” Erin

“The division symbol is like a subtraction sign but it has a dot above and a dot below”  Kyle

In Literacy this week as well as learning a new digraph ‘ou’ we did some imaginative writing. We read the book ‘The pirates who lived next door’ at the end of the story Jim Lad said he would come and collect Tilda on Tuesday for an adventure. We wrote a story about what they might have got up to.

” I thought very hard about my capital letters and full stops as well as what happened in my story. I really enjoyed writing it and I did well!” Melissa

We tried to use all our grammar knowledge and phonics rules to write accurate sentences.

“Our success criteria was to us capital letters and full stops in our writing” Malcolm


We had another exciting China lesson this week. We learned about Dynasties and the first Chinese Emperor.

First we located China on a map.

King Ying Zheng was 13 when he came to power and he wanted a new China. At the time China was spilt into 7 states. The king wanted a United China with 1 set of rules, 1 language and 1 currency. It took him 25 years to achieve this. All of the 7 states has been fighting with each other for over 200 years.

We completed a reading for information task during class. We loved drawing the pictures of Ying Zheng.