This Week in P1/2S…

P1/2S barely even noticed the months change from September to October. With so much learning going on, we are definitely going to earn a restful and relaxing October break. We are not chilling yet though, oh no! We have plenty of learning left to cram in during out last week of term. Before that begins, let us fill you in on what we have been learning this week…


In P1 we have learned the p and n sounds. Our action for p is that we pretend our finger is our candle and we puff it out and our action for n is that we spread our arms out wide and pretend to be an aeroplane going ‘n n n’.

In P2 we have learned the ai sound. We have been reading and spelling words like rain, tail and paint. We have also been learning about capital letters and when to use them.


In P1 we have been using our 10 frames to help us count 1 more and 1 less. We have also been learning to find different ways to make numbers – when we made 6 some people made it using 3 and 3 whilst other people made it using 4 and 2.

In P2 we have been learning to half and double numbers up to 20 using our cubes and part-part-whole board to help us. We noticed that halving and doubling are linked so if you find half of a number you know what that number is doubled – it is rather handy!


This week we explored the Christian story of ‘Daniel and the Lion’s Den’. It is from the Bible. We liked this story because Daniel was a goodie who was hardworking and tried hard. The ‘baddie’ governors were eaten by the lions in the end which we decided was not very nice but fair since they tried to get Daniel eaten by lions! We made lions from paper plates and built our toy lions a den from Lego to help us remember the story. We also retold the story using puppets in our puppet theatre.