Week beg 14.09.20 Primary 2/3EC


This week has been very busy with lots of different learning experiences. The children are working exceptionally hard and I am really proud of their progress.


This week we had a grammar focus on Upper and Lowercase letters. The children were able to link this learning to The Nouns work that Mrs Jacobs has been doing with our class on a Thursday. They were able to make the link that some uppercase case words were Proper Nouns eg  Erskine Street, Cyprus etc

The children then worked in pairs to match upper and lower case letters.

‘We learned about Upper and lowercase letters in the alphabet. It was good fun. We had to match the upper case letter with the lower case letter’    Isla

Primary 2/3 were also very impressed with their Wisper Reading this week. We did one session outside as part of Clackmannanshire’s big outside read.

‘We took part in Whisper reading- it was amazing. We also did this outside as part of the BIG read outside  Melissa and Erin



In  numeracy we have been revising sharing/dividing. We have been using practical materials to help us do this. We are able to collate the correct number of item and then identify and share the objects equally.

‘I have really enjoyed maths this week, it was really fun!’ Fraser

With Mrs Jacobs we have been revising basic 2D shapes. We did lots of different activities and games to show our prior knowledge.


We are very excited about our China topic and this week we looked at Chinese writing. We learned that Chinese writing is called Hanzi

‘I loved doing Chinese names!’ Melissa

‘We wrote our own names in Chinese and it was really fun! We got to do this ourselves’ Erin

Think you will agree that our writing looks fab!!!