P5/6S Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carer,   

Below is our focus for this term for different areas of the curriculum. I hope you find this information helpful. Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any further help. 

Miss Steel 

 Context for Learning:

IDL – The Solar System 

  • Work with others to create reports on the key features of the planets including size, distance from the sun, length of day, length of year, temperature, materials they are made of and the number of moons.  
  • Use simple models to show understanding of the size, scale, time and relative motion within our Solar System. 
  • Learn how solar and lunar eclipses occur.  


  • Share relevant ideas, information and opinions with others during class discussions. 
  • Read regularly for enjoyment and to find out information for specific purposes. 
  • Be able to choose a book of own choice. 
  • Read novels and develop understanding and questioning skills through reading activities. 
  • Make suitable predictions about texts and explain their thinking. 
  • Makes simple notes and use them to create a new text. 
  • Use storyboards to recall information from stories and use these to plan new texts. 
  • Listen attentively to others in groups and contribute positively in collaborative activities. 
  • Write about both personal and imagined experiences using appropriate vocabulary to convey thoughts and feelings. 

 Numeracy & Mathematics: 

  • Round whole numbers to the nearest 10/100/1000. 
  • Use knowledge of rounding to make an estimate and use this to check accuracy of answers. 
  • Discuss familiar contexts in which negative numbers are used. 
  • Locate and order numbers less than zero on a number line. 
  • Apply understanding of addition, subtraction and multiplication to solve a range of maths problems. 
  • Describe 2D shapes and 3D objects using specific mathematical vocabulary including face, edge, vertex, angle, diagonal, radius, diameter and circumference.  

Health & Wellbeing: 

  • PE 
  • Develop movement skills and strategies through a range of athletics activities and apply these creatively, accurately and with control. 
  • Understand the key features of athletic activities and develop sportsmanship in game situations. 
  • Health 
  • Explain ambitions and identify ways to achieve them. 
  • Identify strategies to manage emotions, for example, relaxation techniques, speaking to someone, taking time out. 
  • Describe some of the physical changes experienced during puberty and understand what periods are. 
  • Identify sources of support and help if things go wrong.