Primary 3 – Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carer, 

Below is our focus for this term for different areas of the curriculum. I hope you find this information helpful. Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any further help.

Miss I Young (Class Teacher)


Context for Learning – Interdisciplinary Learning

  • Interdisciplinary Topic – Ancient China
  • This term we will be exploring Ancient China – making comparisons and connections between life in China and life in Scotland, delving into the history of the country, investigating past and present and using stimuli such as the great Chinese Dynasties, the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall of China and ancient and modern Chinese inventions. We will learn about Chinese cultures and traditions and analyse and create Chinese artworks, music and texts.


Literacy in Primary 3

  • Revise handwriting ensuring correct letter formation, size and consistency.
  • Revise and consolidate initial sounds and digraphs previously taught
  • Revise digraphs: ai, oa, ie, ee, or, oi, ou, ea, etc.
  • Use phonological knowledge to segment and blend independently in reading
  • Use word attack strategies to break down tricky words in reading and spelling
  • Revise and use comprehension strategies – 3 sharing’s: likes and dislikes; patterns and connections and puzzles
  • Identify the features of a text, share predictions and make observations
  • Listen attentively to others in groups and contribute positively, asking appropriate questions
  • Focus on personal writing: ‘All About Me’ ‘My Family’ and ‘My Weekend’ writing pieces.
  • Developing sentence structure and length through use of punctuation and connectives such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’
  • Adding additional detail and information to sentences through use of nouns and adjectives.


Numeracy & Mathematics in Primary 3

  • Revision of addition/subtraction strategies within 20, extend this is to within 100
  • Revision of numbers to 100: Identification, sequencing, ordering, number before/after and in-between and number bonds
  • Introduction of numbers to 1000
  • Place Value: Partitioning of 2 and 3 digit numbers, looking at Hundreds, Tens and Units
  • Time: Revision of o’clock times using analogue and digital clocks and half past timings, introduction of quarter past and quarter to both on analogue and digital clocks
  • Revision of basic 2D shapes and their properties and introduction to the properties and features of 3D shapes.


Health & Wellbeing in Primary 3

  • Focus on individual wellbeing – recognising and identifying emotions, discussing body sensations associated with emotions and reviewing regulation strategies to help deal with emotions.
  • Developing our understanding of emotions through literacy – using the Agents of Hope programme and Emotionworks Recovery programme
  • Discussions of lockdown memories – likes and dislikes, fears, worries and positives that came from lockdown.
  • Getting to know you activities to unite us as a class and sharing of our personal strengths and goals.


PE in Primary 3 (with Miss Clarkson)

  • receiving passes, travelling with a ball, scoring, protecting goals, looking at speed, respect and tolerance
  • Gymnastics


French in Primary 3 (with Mrs Jacobs)

  • Revision of French greetings, days of the week, months of the year and numbers to 20.
  • Learning French vocabulary through rhyme and song.
  • Starting conversations and sharing preferences, likes and dislikes.