This week in P.4/5


This week we have been drawing pictures about the story The Tiger Who Came To Tea (Grace). We are learning to retell a story to improve our memories and listening skills (William). Our teacher told us the story but she didn’t show us the illustrations. We had to use our memory of the story and imaginations to draw our own illustrations in the correct order to be able to retell the story later (Anabia). It was hard to use our imaginations because we had to think about what the little girl might look like and how the kitchen was designed (Tyler). My favourite part of the story was when the tiger drank all of Daddy’s bear because I thought it was funny (Michael).


Numeracy and Maths

We were working on revising decimals and fractions this week. I drew out pictures to help me find a fraction of a number. This is a good strategy for me to work out the answers (Lucas). We also did a maths assessment with Mrs Jones on Thursday (Dennis). I had to figure out the decimal number in one of the questions and I’m sure I got it marked correct (Ben). I thought the easiest one was the missing numbers in a sequence from smallest to largest (Rebekah).


IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

This week we heard that Mary got imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle near Kinross. We designed maps of Loch Leven and the surrounding area (Lucas). We used tissue paper, paint, black card and chalk on our designs (Amy J). in Ydance, we brought the whole story together up until Mary’s marriage.


We have been practising our Scots songs in class and are looking forward to sharing these next Friday at Alloa Academy.  Look in our school bags for letters about this.


Have a good weekend!