This Week in P5JS

We have had a very exciting week in P5JS!


This week in Literacy we have been learning to create characters for a story (Liam). We watched a video by Alex T Smith who is an author and illustrator, he explained that everyday things can be turned into a story (Zak).  He writes books about a dog called Claude (Liam). On Tuesday, we wrote a story about our characters (Aimee).  I liked it because we could use our own imagination (Jackson). My character was a ghost cat he liked to make food (Kaleb).

World Book Day

We celebrated World book day a day early in our class as we had a very exciting workshop on Thursday. We made a door display about our first class novel ‘Holes’ (Thomas). We designed our own trainers and then we tied them together and hanged them from the roof to represent Clyde Livingston’s falling trainers (Sean). We drew our own characters, some of us were prisoners in Camp Green Lake and others were cowgirls/cowboys (Maja). We also drew yellow spotted lizzards so BEWARE!! (Ben).


This week in numeracy we have been learning to convert fractions, decimal fractions and percentages (Marilena). I enjoyed using the text books and my peers were helping me when I got stuck (Marilena). Some questions were quite hard but I didn’t give up (Colton).

Health and Wellbeing

We continued our learning to accept diversity among our peers. We learned about people who are transgender (Kayley). We know its okay to be different and unique (Colton). We should be kind to people (Kelsey).

Scottish Inventors

We had a very exciting visit by Marie from Young Enterprise Scotland on Thursday. We learned a lot of different skills such as problem solving and resilience.  Firstly, we explored the different skills we were going to be learning about and about different Scottish inventors(Alexandria). We noticed that the were all men(Layla).  Secondly, we worked in groups to design our own inventions. We could use inventions that have already been made and design ways to make them better (Layla). We worked well in groups to communicate our ideas efficiently and work together (Alexandria). In the afternoon, we used cardboard to make an example of our inventions.

There will be a display of our learning outisde our classroom.