This Week in P.4/5


This week we are learning Scots songs. One of them is Auld Lang Syne and it was very difficult to learn because some of the Scots was difficult (Innes).  We have also been getting better at Mary Mack. It is a tongue twister but Amy was really happy with our progress this week (Mac). We painted castles this week in order to learn to listen carefully for instructions (Rebekah). We had to listen carefully without talking and look at where exactly we had to paint (Amy M).  We designed word searches about Mary Queen of Scots to stick onto our castle pictures (Eilidh H).



We have been learning about angles. I know that angles are measured in degrees (Murray). I know that a right angle is 90 degrees (Lewis). An obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees (Anabia). An acute angle can be measured from 1 – 89 degrees (Ben). A straight angle is 180 degrees (Tyler).  At the end of the week the P.4s made a poster to show our knowledge of angles (Michael).


IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

We learned that Lord Darnley who was Mary’s husband ordered her secretary David Rizzio to be killed (Tyler).  He was stabbed 56 times! (Rebekah).  Lord Darnley was murdered later in the story of Mary’s life and he was found strangled outside Kirk O’ Fields after an explosion (Dennis). Some of us made jewellery boxes for Mary to keep her crown jewels in. We used the net of a cuboid and had to fold the edges neatly.


Please look out for a letter coming home next week to ask for Parent helpers on our trip to Alloa Academy in a couple of weeks time.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog and hope you have a nice weekend.