This Week in P5/6 TG


We have worked really hard to extend our writing skills and enter the BBC 500 Words competition. It was challenging to have to write 500 words, we enjoyed using the netbooks to type up our stories. It was also fun to be able to choose to write about whatever we wanted. We read stories by previous entrants for inspiration.  We have completed our class novel Brightstorm, it was sadder than we expected but it ended happily with the promise of a further adventure.  We were inspired by the story and have decorated our door for World Book Day using the cover as inspiration. In reading we are developing the skill of wondering about what we have read. We have found that we are good at thinking of questions but still to work on linking our wondering to evidence in the text.


We have continued to work with decimals, and are using addition and subtractions strategies to work out the perimeter of shapes. We continue to revise our times tables and this week we had a go at using Topmarks Daily 10 as a warm up activity.

Health and Wellbeing

Our last few lessons have been all about RSHP – P5’s and P6’s have completed these lessons separately. We have been learning about friendships and relationships and exploring issues of equality and fairness. We have thought about stereotypes and how we can challenge these.


We learned the story of Charles Mackintosh who invented the raincoat by blended rubber from a rubber tree with fabric and made a waterproof material.

In Science we revised the states of matter and did a dancing raisins experiment  which we used to practice our observation and recording skills. We notices that the gas bubbles in fizzy water helped the solid raisin float in liquid water. Some of us were disappointed because it didn’t work every time.


We have worked with different teachers but had another go at the bleep test with Mr Foley, he was very impressed with our efforts and improvements.