This Week in P5JS

We’ve had a busy week


This week we have been learning to calculate area and perimeter. (Liam). We have been designing our dream home and calculate the area and perimeter of the different rooms (Marilena). I liked making my dream house (Erin).

We have been continuing to learn about fractions, decimals and percentages. I enjoyed finding a fraction of an amount (Kelsey


In literacy we have been practing our joined handwriting and learning new spelling rules. Our reading focus for this week has been to read with expression (Nathaniel). I enjoyed working with a partner to practice reading with expression (Zak). We also learned about shape poetry. We drew around our hand and wrote poems about what makes us unique.


In IDL this week we have been learning about John Logie Baird. We worked in groups to make TVs from cardboard (Thomas). In groups, we have to create a presentation about the life of John Logie Baird (Ciaran). Miss Elizabeth read out facts about John Logie Baird and we had to take turns to write notes to help us with our presentation (Thomas).

Health and Wellbeing

We were learning about a Fair and Equal life for Boys and Girls. We learned about stereotypes (Layla). We have been learning about friendships and that we shouldn’t judge someone based on their gender or how they look on the outside (Sean). We have been learning to be nice and not stereotype people (Amelia). We also learned to explain why it is important to celebrate differences because we are all unique! (Maja).


We were learning about fitness. We did the bleep test and we got to the end of it, it was so fun (Kaleb).


We were learning to say our favourite and least favourite subject (Kayley).  I like learning German because it is fun (Alexandria).


Next week

Next week is a very exciting week for us! We have a ‘Scottish Inventors Workshop’ on Thursday 5th March. If you could please remember to bring in any cardboard so that we can build our inventions it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, Look out for our Snapshot Jotters next Friday to see our wonderful work!