This week in P.4/5

We’ve had a very full and busy first week back.


This week we have been learning Scots words and songs with Amy Lord (Dennis). We are learning a song called Mary Mack. It’s about a girl who is getting married. The chorus is hard because it’s a tongue twister and hard to get all the words pronounced correctly (Ben).  The P.5s went to German this week while the P.4s did some spelling practise and we also helped make a display for the corridor (Ben).  Next week in Scots we are going to practise a song by Robert Burns (Innes).

Numeracy and Maths

We started learning about decimal numbers this week. We have been learning to know what a decimal number is (Anabia). We have been converting decimal numbers into fractions (Lucas). I find it a little bit challenging – especially sequencing the numbers (Anabia).

IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

We learned about why Mary Queen of Scots moved back from France (Eilidh D). We used different kinds of materials to create an outfit for Mary to wear. We also learned about Mary marrying her second husband Lord Darnley who was also her cousin. He started showing his true colours before they married by drinking a lot of wine and being rude to Mary’s friends (Tyler). We drew pictures of Mary Queen of Scots and other people from the Stuart period (Mac).

Health and Wellbeing

We were learning about relationships and health this week. We were finding out about how babies are made and how they are looked after in pregnancy (Murray). We are also learning about how to take care of a baby and know what a baby needs to survive (Grace).  We made a list of what a baby needs. Some of these are milk, food, clothing and a cot (Michael).


Thanks for reading our blog. Have a good weekend!