Week Beginning 10.02.20 P1EC


This week our shared class text was “Stardust” by Jeannie Willis and Brionny May Smith. This book was all about identifying that everyone shines in their own way and at their own time. This links to our HWB lessons on Unique, Similar and Different.

“I loved that the little girl started to shine when she became an astronaut” Kristofer

After discussing the text using our 3 Sharings, the children thought about how they shine. We discovered that we shine in many different ways.

Some of were really good at swimming, some were really good at gardening, looking after their pets and numeracy.

“I would like to do more learning on this book” May

In writing this week the children read the book “Guess how much I love you?” Sam McBratney with Miss Elizabeth. The children then created their own little ‘Guess how much I love you’ books for their Valentine.


We continued our learning about Money and Division this week.

Money: We are becoming more confident with identifying the different coins and their values. We are able to identify how many 1p coins are required for a given amount eg; 1p, 1p, 1p, 1p, 1p, 1p = 6p. We can count up 1p coins to identify the total as well. We are enjoying the active games and activities to consolidate our learning.

We have also started to add simple amounts of coins together. Eg 2p, 2p 1p = 5p

Division: We have been taking part in lots of different practical tasks using cubes and pasta to support us. We are learning to become familiar and use the language of division ‘share’ ‘equally’ ‘groups’ eg share 12 by 4 groups

“I am becoming more confident with division” May

“I know that I have to make the number if groups and share cubes between the groups” Ryan


This week we heard the story of Joseph and his technicoloured dream coat. After reading the story and discussion, the children made their own special multi-coloured coats.

“I like hearing the story about Joseph” Ellie

“Joseph wanted to be a sheep farmer and look after the sheep. His Dad gave him a cool coat.” Celestan

 Valentine’s Day:

On Friday we had a very special visitor in our class who helped us make a special gift for our Valentines. Claire, May’s Mum showed us how to make Bath Fizzers. We were very excited when we saw the activity being set up. We used bicarbonate of soda, Cornflour, Epsom salts and Citric Acid. Once we had mixed all the ingredients together we used a heart shaped mould to press the mixture into. We then popped it out and left it to set. We had such a lot of fun and our classroom smelt amazing! Thank you Claire!