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Maths –

We have been learning to estimate, measure and convert units of measure. This week we focused on length (Ross).  “I enjoyed estimating and measuring the length of objects in the class because it was active and it was interesting to see how close my guess was” (Liam). We also focused on converting metric units of measure, for example: millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), meters (m) and kilometres (km).

We know that:

  • There are 10mm in 1 centimetre (Corey). We need to multiply the [number of] cm by 10 if we want to convert cm to mm (Emma).
  • There are 100cm in 1 meter (Daniel). We need to divide the number of meters by 100 to convert m to cm (Charlie B).
  • There are 1000m in 1 km (Andrew T). We need to multiply the number of meters by 1000 to convert m to km.

We also learned about imperial measurements, for example inches, feet, yards, and miles (Charlie M) and know that:

  • 1 inch is the same as 2.5cm (Charlie M)
  • 1 foot is the same as 30cm (Allana)
  • 1 yard is the same as 90cm (Summer)
  • 1 km is the same as 0.60 miles (Charlie B)

Literacy –

Writing – We have been developing our editing and re-drafting skills this week. We have up-levelled our writing to include ambitious vocabulary and interesting openers (Leah). “This was challenging because I had to use a thesaurus and word mat to change words in my story, and sometimes it was hard to find a word that made sense” (Beth).

Class Novel – We continued reading out class novel, The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. We have been learning to answer questions relating to the text (Addison) and predicting what will happen next (Aaron).


This week has been the final week of our Scottish IDL. To round up the topic, we have been researching famous Scots before creating and presenting these to the class. “I picked someone from the past because he is the reason we celebrate Burns day (Robert Burns)” (Bronik). “We choose Jackie Stewart because it I feel he has contributed to the Scottish Culture” (Charlie and Liam). “To be successful we had to create a PowerPoint with different slides and transitions” (Daniel) and “We had to use a loud and clear voice and use eye contact when presenting to the class” (Summer). We enjoyed this task because we could choose whoever we knew the most about.

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P7AG and Miss Gillon