This Week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been very busy with our work.

This week in IDL we have been learning to use digital technology to create a TV advert for our chosen Scottish Landmark (Cerys). First of all we had to plan and research our Landmark to get lots of facts (Martyna). Second of all, we started writing a script for the advert then we started to practise it (Aila). Then we had to perform them in front of the class with the green screen (Halle).  I think my group was successful because we worked well as a group (Leah, Jayden).  It was difficult to research information and take notes (Sean).

This week in PE we started to learn how to play volleyball (Josh). We learned how to serve the ball (Josh). We also learned some of the basics rules of the game like how to throw it across the net and the lines of the court (Aila). I found it challenging because I couldn’t serve the ball (Cerys).

This week in Maths we have been investigating circles and learning to identify the parts of a circle and how to use a pair of compasses (Nieve). We created some art while we learned how to use a pair of compasses. I found it challenging to use a pair of compasses because it was hard to get the pencil and the needle level (Max).  I kind of enjoyed making circles because I got to create a picture (Georgia).

We look forward to catching up with you next time (Ethan).