This week in P5/6TG

Scots Event

Last Friday we sang Lugton Dug and Sam the Skull by Alastair McDonald.  We also recited Nessie and The Thrissle by JK Annand.

I felt nervous when we started but when we got into it I got confident (Megan).



We learned more about Kandinsky’s abstract art.  We found out he was inspired by other artists and looked at how his style changed.  Today we started to create an abstract work of art inspired by Kandinsky.



We have new PE teachers.  Their names are Miss Crossan and Mrs Martin.  We have been doing fitness stations, playing badminton and learning how to serve.  We worked in trios.  One person would spectate and give feedback. Our badminton skills are improving and we are getting fitter.



In Grammar we were learning to use commas in a list. We were using commas so we didn’t write the word ‘and’ all the time.



In Numeracy we learned how to add and subtract decimals using the jump strategy and place value counters.



Mrs Coons has been working with us to say numbers up to 31 and months of the year.  We have started to say when our birthdays are.


Written by Jodie, Megan, Danny, Callum, Haris, Brandyn, Sophie-Leigh and Kacyleigh.