This week in P.6JDW 3.2.20

This week in P.6JDW – 3.2.20


Kimberley, Karis, Aleena and D’arcy – “We have been learning about fractions.  We learned how to find a quantity of a fraction.  First, you identify the quantity then you divide the quantity by the denominator and then you multiply by the numerator. “

Lauren – “My group has been learning to create equivalent fractions.  We have been using visual pictures to help us identify the fraction within a shape.”


Jorja, Jack, Lily, John, Lewis H and Scott S – “In P.E we have been learning how to play a game of volleyball.  We learned how to do a move called ‘dig’ where you put one hand in the other hand and you move your hands up in the air to hit the ball with your wrists.  We also continued to play badminton at the start of the lessons.  We had to find 2 or 3 partners and play ‘King of the Court’. “


Miley and Stephanie – “We organised ourselves into groups and we chose a Scottish Inventor to research.  Each group has decided how to present their findings such as a powerpoint, poster, leaflet, speech etc.  We need to use the internet and topic books to find facts about our Inventor.”


Ava, Josh, Ollie, and Sophie – “Mrs Shepherd taught us the months of the year and we did activities with Mrs Coons about names, birthdays and favourite colours.


In French, we have been learning to count to 100.  We listened to and joined in with counting songs.  We played a game of bingo.