This week in P.4/5

We have had a very busy week this week.


On Tuesday we researched information about Linlithgow Palace and created leaflets (Anabia).  I enjoyed writing the leaflets and my favourite part was drawing the picture (Lewis). I got to learn all of the famous residents of Linlithgow Palace and I liked it (Tyler).

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning to tell the time to 5 minute intervals (Jamie). In the SPICY work we were learning how to change between 12 hour and 24 hour times. I think I was quite good at it (Michael). In the HOT work the teacher asked us to read the times and make times up on the clocks in class (Grace).

IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

We used the ipads to search for interesting facts about the Kings and Queens of Great Britain (Rebekah). I enjoyed searching for facts about Queen Victoria (Mac). We also used watercolour paints to design pictures of the castles Mary Queen of Scots was hidden in before she travelled to France (Alexis).  P.2/3 invited us to visit their class because our IDL linked to their IDL on castles. They had designed a great hall and we were asked to be there for the opening (Eilidh D). We enjoyed playing with everybody and it was a really happy environment.


Our class assembly was today. We had a lot of fun at it. We had a Power Point to show our proud moments (Amy M). We had so much fun achieving in P.4/5 and I really liked singing the songs (Colton). I liked the singing too. I was kind of brave to say my line at assembly (River). I enjoyed the speaking parts and the singing (Amy M).

We are very proud of our assembly and we hoped Parents enjoyed it too.

Have a great weekend!